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Fine Tune Your Social Enterprise

24 February 2016, Auto Enrolment, Charities, Companies, Employer

Free Social Enterprise Event

If you are thinking of starting up a social enterprise or need advice on running an existing business, come along to the Firstport event in Paisley on Friday 26th February.

Social Enterprise Workshops

Alterledger is joining other social enterprise specialists in holding workshops on various topics to help  you fine tune your organisation.

Details of the workshops on offer are available here. Tim Alter of Alterledger will be showing you how to save accountancy fees by organising your finances.  He will also explain some of the obligations employers have under pension automatic enrolment legislation.  If you haven’t already got a plan in place for an employer pension scheme and you have staff, there is no time to lose.  After the auto enrolment session you will know where to start with your pension obligations and have a better chance of knowing how to prepare for your staging date.

If you are coming along to Paisley on 26th February and have any topics you would like to hear about in the accounts setup and pension auto enrolment workshop let Alterledger know using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Firstport Eventbrite Page

Firstport event – Fine Tune Your Social Enterprise

Advice to social enterprises

If you are a social enterprise and would like to speak to an accountant who actually understands you, please get in touch!

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