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Class 2 NI small profits threshold

25 February 2015, Advocates, Musicians, Sole Traders

Changes to Class 2 National Insurance from April 2015

The self employed have to pay Class 2 National Insurance if their profits are over the small earnings limit (£5,885 in 2014-15).  HMRC has overhauled the system with the small earnings limit being renamed the Class 2 NI small profits threshold (SPT).  Until recently self employed workers had to apply for a  small earnings exception.   From 2015-16 Class 2 NI will be payable on annual profits from £5,965 with income tax through self assessment in the same way as Class 4 NI.  This means that Class 2 NI will be due on 31st January 2017 with income tax.

Class 2 NI small profits threshold

The National Insurance numbercard issued by the former Department of Health and Social Security to Zacarias Moussaoui (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Class 2 National Insurance for?

Class 2 NI counts towards your state pension – assuming there will still be state pension when you get to retirement age.  With earnings below the Class 2 NI small profits threshold it may still be in your favour to pay voluntary contributions to make sure you get the new state pension.

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