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Declare your dividends

Declare your dividends

24 March 2022, Advocates, Artists, Barristers, Companies, Creative Industries, Employer, Musicians, Sole Traders

The Spring Statement 2022 confirmed increases to National Insurance from the tax year starting 6th April 2022.  The threshold for paying National Insurance increases to £12,570 from July, but this doesn’t affect the additional tax on dividends.  The difference in the payment date of your dividends by just one day could mean that you pay […]

Tax on dividend income

Tax on dividend income – more increases on the way?

26 November 2021, Companies, Creative Industries, General

After an increase of 1.25% in the Finance (No. 2) Bill can we expect a further increase in the tax on dividend income? MPs call for possible increased tax on dividends The following MPs have proposed an amendment to the Finance (No. 2) Bill Keir Starmer Rachel Reeves Bridget Phillipson James Murray Abena Oppong-Asare Sir […]

Health and Social Care Levy

Health and Social Care Levy – Finance (No. 2) Bill

18 November 2021, Advocates, Artists, Barristers, Companies, Creative Industries, Employer, Musicians, Sole Traders

The budget confirmed a few increases to tax which are likely to stoke inflation in the form of the Health and Social Care Levy.  The Finance Bill is currently passing through the legislative process to introduce tax increases for most people. How does the budget affect my business? The figure of 1.25% crops up in […]

Company Directors salary (updated for 2016-17)

26 May 2015, Companies, Employer

The new tax year started on 6 April and with it came a rise in personal tax-free allowances and National Insurance (NI) limits.  How do these and other factors affect the level of company directors salary? View image | Company Directors salary If you’re a major shareholder of a private company it’s usually a […]

UK Private Limited Company Formation – A brief guide.

16 April 2013, Companies

What is a private limited company? A private limited company is a company limited by shares.  The company is run by its directors on behalf of its shareholders.  There must be at least one director and one shareholder for any new private company.  The same person can be director and shareholder.  The shares in a […]

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