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Windmills are a classic example of the circular economy

Alterledger and the Circular Economy

16 March 2020, Charities, Companies, Creative Industries

Defining the Circular Economy The circular economy is a viable alternative to former unsustainable ways of operating.  Accountants are joining other businesses and the City of Glasgow in recognising the positive impact of changing working practices to create a more sustainable future. The circular economy is a direct challenge to the ‘take-make-waste’ mentality of the […]

Tax free van benefit in kind - did you know that the van Gogh Museum is open on Christmas day?

Company Van Benefit in Kind trap

26 January 2020, Companies, Creative Industries, Employer, General, Musicians

Van benefit in kind tax charge Driving a van as your company vehicle has tax advantages over a car.  The tax charge is generally low compared with a car, and can even be zero in circumstances where a car would be taxable.  What conditions must you satisfy to eliminate a van benefit in kind tax […]

PAYE payments can be made monthly or quarterly

Monthly PAYE payments or quarterly payments?

15 May 2019, Employer

How to pay your PAYE to HMRC The easiest way to pay your PAYE to HMRC is by bank transfer.  The bank details for HMRC are shown below. You’ll need to use your 13-character accounts office reference number as the payment reference. You can find this on either: the letter HMRC sent you when you first registered […]

PAYE refund – how to get one

25 September 2016, Charities, Companies, Employer

The normal process for reclaiming overpaid PAYE to HMRC is to deduct the amount HMRC owes you from your next regular payment.  For this reason HMRC does not normally process an automatic PAYE refund.

RTI Late Reporting Codes

19 June 2016, Auto Enrolment, Charities, Companies, Employer

All UK employers are required to report wage payments on or before wages are paid, under the system known as Real Time Information (RTI).  Under limited circumstances HMRC will accept late payroll information.  To avoid a late reporting penalty you will need to use one of the 7 remaining RTI late reporting codes.

SRIT – the Scottish Rate of Income Tax

29 November 2015, Advocates, Artists, Barristers, Charities, Companies, Creative Industries, Employer, Musicians, Sole Traders

From 5th April 2016 a new Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT) will come into force in Scotland.  Although is it currently anticipated that taxpayers in Scotland and the rest of the UK will pay the same rate of tax next year, it is likely that the regions will diverge in coming years as more power is devolved to Scotland.

Money collected by Digital Tax Accounts

Digital Tax Accounts – the end of tax returns?

26 November 2015, Advocates, Artists, Barristers, Companies, Creative Industries, Musicians, Sole Traders

The Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 from Chancellor George Osborne confirms that the government is committed to Digital Tax Accounts.  The following extract is from the transcript of the speech delivered on 25th November 2015: “We’re going to build one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world.  So that every individual and every small business will have their own digital tax account by the end of the decade, in order to manage their tax online.”

Relaxed PAYE late filing penalties

24 February 2015, Auto Enrolment, Charities, Companies, Employer

HMRC will not impose PAYE filing penalties for short delays All UK employers are required to report wage payments as Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC.  Until now this has meant that you need to submit your payroll information to HMRC on or before the date you pay your employees.  However HMRC announced that they have relaxed PAYE […]

Online Accounting

29 July 2013, Charities

Almost everyone that uses the internet already uses cloud computing. There are a number of online accounting packages available which make the accounting process easier for small businesses and have the potential to increase profits too.

Does your accountant work for you?

20 May 2013, Advocates, Charities, Companies, Musicians, Sole Traders

The role of an accountant in a business. Many small businesses do not have an accountant on the payroll and hire external consultants to fulfil their financial needs.  In too many cases the accountant is only working for the benefit of external stakeholders such as Companies House and HMRC.  This role is described as financial […]

Real Time Information for payroll processing – are you ready?

17 February 2013, Charities, Employer

Change required for all employers All employers will have to change the way they process payroll in 2013.  If your organisation pays wages to anyone including salaried directors, you will need to provide information in “Real Time” to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  Real Time Information (RTI) requires employers to submit payroll information before […]

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