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Top excel functions

What is the formula for success? How to excel at excel.

22 July 2020, Companies, Employer, General

If you are going to claim to have advanced Excel skills, make sure you are familiar with the functions and features added to Microsoft 365 in the last few years. As a bare minimum you need to familiar with Excel Tables, PivotTables and functions such as VLOOKUP, and SUMIFS.

What an employer is looking for

What an employer is looking for

1 May 2018, Companies, Employer, General

How do you know what an employer is looking for when they post a job advert? This post will point you in the right direction.
If you are applying for a job with any professional firm (and especially if you are applying for a job with Alterledger) make sure you consider the advice here.

never send word files

Never send word files

17 May 2018, General

Never send word files unless you really have to. In most cases a PDF file will be the better option as it retains your formatting and allows you to control your document.
Sending word files with key information including covering letters and CVs can be perceived as unprofessional. There is no excuse not to send these files in PDF format!

Use the STAR method for the Manager job at Alterledger

How to be a STAR interviewee

27 March 2021, General

For a stellar interview, be a STAR interviewee The STAR method is a useful framework to help you prepare for interviews.  The approach can be applied to job applications, performance reviews and workplace appraisals.  STAR will allow you to structure your answers to ensure that you are making your point clearly. What is the STAR […]

Trainee Accountant Glasgow Graduate

Let your career flourish

21 May 2021, General

Trainee Accountant Job Glasgow In partnership with Glasgow City Council, we are pleased to announce a vacancy for a trainee accountant at Alterledger.  If you live in the Glasgow City local authority and are ready to let your career flourish, this job could be for you.  The position offers study support and a route to […]

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