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Love what we do? Tell a friend and get £100 each for you and them

10 June 2019, General

Get £100 each for you and a friend

If you are a client of Alterledger, you can get up to £100 for yourself and for any friends that you refer to us.Love what we do? Tell a friend and get £100 each for you and them

How do I get my reward?

We’ll add credit to your account after your friend becomes a paying customer of Alterledger.

What if I am an employee of your client?

We don’t want you to miss out if you are an employee.  If you work for a client company of Alterledger, you and a friend can still get up to £100 each.  Alterledger will send you an Amazon voucher in this situation.

How many times can I earn this reward?

How many people do you know?  Not all of them need an accountant, but if you love our service, you’ll know the people who will benefit.  You can refer as many people as you like, but the scheme could change in the future or be withdrawn so make the most of it now!

Do I have to tell the person I am referring them?

In order that you get £100 each, your friend has to know that you are passing on their personal details.  Alterledger takes data protection seriously and with the recent GDPR requirements it is important that you have your friend’s consent before passing on their contact details.

How can I tell who I’ve referred?

We will let you know when any of your friends sign up to Alterledger.  You will be eligible for the same benefit as them.  The chances are that they will let you know too!

How should I refer people?

Let your friend know why you like Alterledger.  Get their permission to pass on their contact details.  Let us know and we can do the rest.  If your friend is going make contact themselves, make sure they mention your name.

How can I let people know that I use Alterledger?

We have a customer review page on Trustpilot.  If you leave a Trustpilot review your friends can see what you think.  If a friend finds your review they will know to get in touch with you before contacting us to get them their discount.

How does the referral scheme work?

The full details of the scheme are here.

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