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Gifts for customers and suppliers

Gifts for customers and suppliers

27 November 2021, Advocates, Artists, Barristers, Charities, Companies, Creative Industries, Employer, General, Musicians, Sole Traders

What is a gift? This might seem to be an obvious question, but it helps to get the definition clear to work out the tax implication of gifts for customers and suppliers. A gift is something you give without receiving anything in exchange.  For example, you may choose to give a customer a bottle of […]

Tramshed Tech is in Cardiff

Alterledger in Tramshed Tech

13 December 2019, Companies, Creative Industries, Sole Traders

Alterledger is coming to Tramshed Tech in Cardiff to give free tax and accounting advice at 11:00 on 20th December Alterledger has been on tour with sessions for the creative industries in Glasgow on 10th December 2019 and Belfast on 12th December 2019.  It will be Cardiff’s turn on 20th December so Tim Alter will be in […]

Tax charge on a director's loan

Tax charge on a Director’s Loan

20 September 2019, Companies, General

When your company has a tax charge on a director’s loan If you are a director or shareholder in a ‘close’ company, any money owed to the company can trigger a tax charge on a director’s loan. What is a close company? A close company is broadly defined as a company which is under the […]

Charities and Corporation Tax

Charities and Corporation Tax

16 November 2017, Charities, Companies, Creative Industries

Charities and Corporation Tax returns are often misunderstood.  Charities may think that they are automatically exempt from tax on all their income.  As the article explains below, charities may be subject to Corporation Tax on profits / surpluses.

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