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Tax and Accounting for Musicians - free MU Seminar

Tax and Accounting for Musicians: Get It Right and Save Money!

28 November 2018

Free Tax and Accounting for Musicians’ Union members Members of the Musicians Union are invited to a free seminar – Tax and Accounting for Musicians in Glasgow on 11th December 2018 and Belfast on 12th December 2018. Topics covered in the seminar The Tax and accounting for musicians seminar will cover the items below in straightforward […]

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Making Tax Digital for VAT

Making Tax Digital for VAT – why have HMRC sent a letter?

22 November 2018

HMRC VAT letter – what does it mean? Many business have received an HMRC VAT letter in the last week.  This letter informs VAT registered businesses that HMRC processes are being modernised, known as Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT. What do I need to do? The HMRC VAT letter doesn’t require you to do anything […]

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Alterledger team has new trainee

7 November 2018

Welcome to Fiona We are delighted to welcome Fiona to the team at Alterledger as a Trainee Accountant.  We look forward to introducing her to our clients. Fiona will be working through her ACCA qualification to build on her experience of working with HMRC.

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Trainee Accountant Job Glasgow

30 August 2018

Trainee Accountant Job Glasgow Due to the growing demand for our services, we have a trainee accountant job vacancy at Alterledger.  The position offers study support and a route to gaining a permanent position as a qualified accountant in a modern accountancy practice.  It is expected that the trainee would complete a qualification with CIMA or […]

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Always read the application details

What an employer is looking for

1 May 2018

How do you know what an employer is looking for when they post a job advert? This post will point you in the right direction

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Never send word files with your CV or covering letter

Never send word files

17 May 2018

Never send word files unless you really have to. In most cases a PDF file will be the better option as it retains your formatting and allows you to control your document.

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Alterledger Intern Opportunity

Internship Opportunity at Alterledger

16 May 2018

Accounting Internship Opportunity at Alterledger in partnership with Santander and the University of Strathclyde.

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Childcare voucher scheme – closure delayed again!

9 May 2018

Scheme open to new entrants until 4 October 2018 Childcare voucher schemes were supposed to close to new applicants on 5 April 2018, but has been extended for a further six months.  Should you consider offering childcare vouchers to your employees while you still can? Summary of childcare voucher scheme The childcare voucher schemes were supposed to […]

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How to reclaim extra VAT

2 December 2017

HMRC’s VAT Input Tax Toolkit highlights common errors businesses make when they reclaim VAT on purchases.  As you would expect from an HMRC publication it focuses on situations where you can’t or shouldn’t reclaim VAT.

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Accounting for Musicians Workshop Belfast @OhYeahCentre 2017

26 November 2017

Members of the Musicians Union are invited to a free seminar in Belfast on 7th December 2017.  See below for booking form on Eventbrite.

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Accounting for Musicians Glasgow 2017 @scottishmusic

26 November 2017

Members of the Musicians Union are invited to a free seminar in Glasgow on 5th December 2017.  See below for booking form on Eventbrite.

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Charities and Corporation Tax

Charities and Corporation Tax

16 November 2017

Charities and Corporation Tax returns are often misunderstood.  Charities may think that they are automatically exempt from tax on all their income.  As the article explains below, charities may be subject to Corporation Tax on profits / surpluses.

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Employer Liability Insurance covers an employer for risks to employees at work

Employers Liability Insurance – make sure you have it!

13 October 2017

Following an anonymous complaint to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a small Manchester-based company received a fine of £2,500 for failing to have adequate Employers Liability Insurance (ELI).  What are the rules?

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Mid-sized businesses free tax advice

Mid-sized businesses free tax advice

27 September 2017

HMRC has announced extra help from its tax specialists to offer mid-sized businesses free tax advice.

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Ian Fordyce

Welcome Ian to Alterledger

31 July 2017

Ian Fordyce CA joined Alterledger on 31st July 2017. Ian has a wealth of experience in practice and industry. Tim and Ian worked together for a number of years as management accountants for a leading Scottish charity. We welcome Ian to Alterledger and look forward to introducing him to our clients.

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Advocate's wig on tin with library in background

VAT Flat Rate Scheme for Advocates

18 March 2017

The VAT Flat Rate scheme for advocates is changing along with all other Limited Cost Traders on 1st April 2017.  The scheme was introduced with the intention of simplifying VAT.  It was never intended to be a tax allowance or a way of saving VAT.  The assumption from HMRC was that the scheme would be broadly revenue neutral.

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Sole Director Companies and Auto Enrolment

18 March 2017

A company, or individual without employees is not required to have an Automatic Enrolment Pension Scheme.  Where a company has no-one on payroll and no workers it is normally clear that Auto Enrolment doesn’t apply.  The situation is less obvious with sole director companies and auto enrolment.  If you are the sole director of your company and have no staff or workers, the company does not have automatic enrolment duties

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National Insurance for Company Directors

5 February 2017

Most employees will pay Class 1 National Insurance each pay day.  The weekly threshold is £157 a week with the monthly threshold being £680.  If an employee earns above these amounts, they will start paying National Insurance above the threshold at 12%.  National Insurance for Company Directors can be worked out differently.

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Graduate Trainee Accountant in the library

Graduate trainee accountant vacancy

16 January 2017

We are pleased to announce that a Graduate Trainee Accountant vacancy has been posted by Alterledger on the Glasgow Guarantee website.

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How to register with HMRC as Self-Employed

3 January 2017

The first task in working out if you need to register with HMRC is to assess whether you are self-employed. 

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Scottish Music Centre

Accounting for Musicians Glasgow 2016 @scottishmusic

5 December 2016

Members of the Musicians Union are invited to a free seminar in Glasgow on 6th December 2016.  See below for booking form on Eventbrite.

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Accounting for Musicians Workshop Belfast @OhYeahCentre

5 December 2016

Members of the Musicians Union are invited to a free seminar in Belfast on 8th December 2016.  See below for booking form on Eventbrite.

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Alterledger shortlisted for International Award

2 December 2016

Alterledger is delighted to be shortlisted for the @aandbscotland International Award in partnership with @waspsstudios.

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Scott Fox shortlisted for Graduate Employee of the Year

Alterledger’s Scott Fox is shortlisted for Glasgow Graduate Employee of the Year

29 November 2016

We are excited to announce that Scott Fox has been shortlisted for the Glasgow Guarantee Graduate Employee of the Year.  Alterledger has been invited to the Glasgow Guarantee Celebration Event on 30th November when the winner will be announced.  

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Firstport Start Up and Fine Tune Your Social Enterprise

Start Up and Fine Tune Your Social Enterprise

6 November 2016

If you are thinking of starting up a social enterprise or need advice on running an existing business, come along to the Firstport event in Glasgow on Friday 11th November. A series of free workshops have been organised to help you Start Up and Fine Tune your Social Enterprise.

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Money collected by Digital Tax Accounts

Flat Rate Scheme Reverse Charge VAT

30 September 2016

If a trader on the flat rate scheme for VAT purchases services from outside the UK, the business needs to account for Flat Rate Scheme Reverse Charge VAT according to Directive 2006/112/EC. Small businesses on the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT do not usually account for VAT on purchases.

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PAYE refund – how to get one

25 September 2016

The normal process for reclaiming overpaid PAYE to HMRC is to deduct the amount HMRC owes you from your next regular payment.  For this reason HMRC does not normally process an automatic PAYE refund.

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HMRC telephone scam

7 September 2016

There are two new scams that you need to be aware of.  Callers are leaving a phone message or posing as an HMRC investigator.  If you are on the receiving end of an HMRC telephone scam you can report it on 0300 1232040 or on the Action Fraud Website.

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HMRC interest rate change can save you money

24 August 2016

Following the Bank of England’s cut in its base rate from 0.5% to 0.25% on 4th August the HMRC interest rate has changed too.

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Dusseldorf Exchange Artist Klara Paterok comes to Glasgow

21 August 2016

The Anna Lobner Glasgow / Dusseldorf Exchange provides a valuable opportunity for artists to have the space and time to develop their practice in a new environment.  The programme started 13 years ago in memory of the German artist Anna Lobner.

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