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Pay your tax by end of Jan

Pay your personal tax return by the end of January

10 January 2022

Don’t forget to pay your personal tax turn by the end of January. Who has to file a personal tax return? If you are self-employed or you are director of a limited company, you need to register with HMRC for self assessment tax returns in most cases.  You need to pay your personal tax by […]

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Design your own job

Come and work for Alterledger – Design your own job!

7 January 2022

First come first served We are expanding the team at Alterledger and have vacancies from entry level trainees to experienced qualified accountants. Technical skills are important, but these can all be learned – your key selling point as a job applicant is your attitude and mindset. Have a look at the matrix below and see […]

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Training vs Learning Organisation

Training vs Learning Organisation

28 December 2021

Alterledger is a learning organisation.  Our clients choose us for the insight that we provide.  The value we bring is that business owners don’t need to divert their attention to accounts and filing deadlines.  Alterledger exists to allow our clients to get with what they do best – their business. Comparison of training and learning […]

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Scott Fox is leaving Alterledger

Farewell to Scott

23 December 2021

After almost 6 years of service, Scott is leaving Alterledger to work in industry.  Scott has made a big difference to Alterledger and will be missed by the team and clients. We wish Scott well and look forward to following his career! New opportunities Alterledger continues to be in demand (see our customer feedback) so […]

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December 2021 PAYE weekend payment date

December 2021 PAYE weekend payment date

9 December 2021

Electronic payment deadline falls on a weekend The December 2021 PAYE electronic payment deadline falls on Saturday 22nd January 2022.  To make sure your payment for December reaches HMRC on time, you need to have cleared funds in HMRC’s account by 21 January 2022 unless you are able to arrange a Faster Payment. Remember that […]

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December payroll

December payroll – do you pay it early?

1 December 2021

Many businesses pay their December payroll early. However, for employees who also claim Universal Credit, this can cause a problem. What if the normal payment date falls on a weekend? If you pay your employees on the same date each month e.g. 28th, this date will sometimes fall on a weekend.  In November 2021 the […]

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Gifts for customers and suppliers

Gifts for customers and suppliers

27 November 2021

What is a gift? This might seem to be an obvious question, but it helps to get the definition clear to work out the tax implication of gifts for customers and suppliers. A gift is something you give without receiving anything in exchange.  For example, you may choose to give a customer a bottle of […]

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Tax on dividend income

Tax on dividend income – more increases on the way?

26 November 2021

After an increase of 1.25% in the Finance (No. 2) Bill can we expect a further increase in the tax on dividend income? MPs call for possible increased tax on dividends The following MPs have proposed an amendment to the Finance (No. 2) Bill Keir Starmer Rachel Reeves Bridget Phillipson James Murray Abena Oppong-Asare Sir […]

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Can my company pay my personal phone bill

Can my company pay my personal phone bill?

21 November 2021

It is tempting to have your company pay personal phone bills, but this article will alert you to some of the pitfalls.  On the face of it you might think you save money on a cheaper personal contract.  However after considering the VAT, income tax and National Insurance you might be better off on a […]

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Alterledger Xero Gold Champion Partner

Alterledger is now a Xero Gold partner!

16 November 2021

We are pleased to announce that Alterledger is now a Xero Gold Champion. Why Xero Gold? We use Xero because we think it is the best software for Owner Managed Businesses.  Xero is constantly adding improvements to an already impressive product.  Without Xero we couldn’t provide the high quality service that our clients have come […]

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Health and Social Care Levy

Health and Social Care Levy – Finance (No. 2) Bill

18 November 2021

The budget confirmed a few increases to tax which are likely to stoke inflation in the form of the Health and Social Care Levy.  The Finance Bill is currently passing through the legislative process to introduce tax increases for most people. How does the budget affect my business? The figure of 1.25% crops up in […]

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Minimum pension age

Minimum pension age increase to 57

5 November 2021

Finance Bill 2021-22 includes minimum pension age increase The government has published the Finance Bill 2021-22 (Finance (No. 2) Bill), which includes a clause to increase the normal minimum pension age from age 55 to age 57 from 6 April 2028.  If you were born before 6 April 1973 consider whether you want to take […]

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CGT Payment deadline increased

CGT Payment deadline increased

27 October 2021

Surprise treat in the 2021 Autumn Budget – Capital Gains Tax deadline increased. Rishi Sunak delivered his Budget Speech 2021 on 27th October 2021.  The accompanying small print confirmed that the CGT payment deadline increased from 30 days to 60 days for UK residential property.  Selling a house can be a slow process and getting […]

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Top excel functions

What is the formula for success? How to excel at excel.

22 July 2020

If you are going to claim to have advanced Excel skills, make sure you are familiar with the functions and features added to Microsoft 365 in the last few years. As a bare minimum you need to familiar with Excel Tables, PivotTables and functions such as VLOOKUP, and SUMIFS.

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What an employer is looking for

What an employer is looking for

1 May 2018

How do you know what an employer is looking for when they post a job advert? This post will point you in the right direction.
If you are applying for a job with any professional firm (and especially if you are applying for a job with Alterledger) make sure you consider the advice here.

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Qualified practice accountant job Glasgow

Qualified Accountant Job Glasgow

1 November 2021

Introduction Alterledger has a vacancy for a qualified practice accountant. About Alterledger Alterledger is a Glasgow accountancy practice and Xero partner specialising in the service sector and charities, with a focus on the creative industries and professional services. The company is fully digital using cloud based systems across the business. The office is paperless – […]

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Growth Mindset

Who needs a growth mindset?

28 May 2021

What is a growth mindset? The concept of a growth mindset was brought to the public attention by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck.  Her experience suggested that those who believed that their abilities could be developed outperformed those who believed they were fixed.  This might seem self-evident, but as shown below this has wider applications. If […]

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never send word files

Never send word files

17 May 2018

Never send word files unless you really have to. In most cases a PDF file will be the better option as it retains your formatting and allows you to control your document.
Sending word files with key information including covering letters and CVs can be perceived as unprofessional. There is no excuse not to send these files in PDF format!

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Pawel Cieslak

Alterledger welcomes Pawel

10 August 2021

Welcome to Pawel! Pawel is the newest member of the team at Alterledger, joining as a Trainee Accountant.  We look forward to introducing him to our clients.

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Death and taxes are the ultimate known knowns - you can add tax scams to this list.

Death, Taxes and Tax scams – known knowns

9 May 2021

It is said that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes.  The old cliche has a ring of truth, and you can add tax scams to the list of known knowns. Donald Rumsfeld was roundly mocked for his comment at a news briefing on 12th February 2002 about known knowns, but on reflection, […]

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Sarita Barnawal

Alterledger welcomes Sarita

17 May 2021

Welcome to Sarita! Our latest recruit started today.  We are delighted to welcome Sarita to the team at Alterledger. Sarita is a member of the ACCA.  We look forward to introducing her to our clients.  

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Trainee Accountant Glasgow Graduate

Let your career flourish

21 May 2021

Trainee Accountant Job Glasgow In partnership with Glasgow City Council, we are pleased to announce a vacancy for a trainee accountant at Alterledger.  If you live in the Glasgow City local authority and are ready to let your career flourish, this job could be for you.  The position offers study support and a route to […]

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Use the STAR method for the Manager job at Alterledger

How to be a STAR interviewee

27 March 2021

For a stellar interview, be a STAR interviewee The STAR method is a useful framework to help you prepare for interviews.  The approach can be applied to job applications, performance reviews and workplace appraisals.  STAR will allow you to structure your answers to ensure that you are making your point clearly. What is the STAR […]

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pre-trading expenses

Pre-trading expenses

20 April 2021

A sole trader may incur costs before setting up their trade.  Some of these pre-trading expenses are allowable for tax purposes subject to being ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the trade or profession. Capital items purchased prior to trading may also qualify for capital allowances. Pre-trading expenses Expenses incurred up to 7 years before commencement of […]

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Computer equipment intending trader

VAT intending trader

25 April 2021

Before you start to trade you can register for VAT as an intending trader to recover input VAT on computer equipment and other costs.  You can also recover pre-registration VAT in some circumstances. Pre-trading VAT The current threshold for obligatory VAT registration is an annual turnover of £85,000. Voluntary registration is beneficial where: VAT on […]

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Accountancy Practice Manager Job Glasgow

Accountancy Practice Manager Job Glasgow

24 March 2021

Introduction The position of practice manager is a new role created in response to the growing demand for Alterledger’s services.  The post holder will report to Tim Alter and be responsible for managing a committed team to deliver excellent customer service through operational and commercial success. About Alterledger Alterledger is a Glasgow accountancy practice and […]

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Receipt Bank is now Dext

Receipt Bank is now Dext

23 February 2021

A bolt from the blue – Receipt Bank is now Dext In a surprise announcement from Receipt Bank Dext, the branding and log in details for the online service changed today. How do I log in to Dext? If you previously used the following web address to log in to Receipt Bank, it should still […]

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VAT on services

VAT on services outside UK

25 February 2021

Buying and selling services This article considers what has changed (and what hasn’t) for businesses trading in services with the EU, including situations where there are crucial exceptions to the general rules. The highlights of VAT on services outside the UK In many cases, the VAT on services is no different to pre-Brexit 2020.  However, […]

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The Scottish Wedding Industry Fund could give you up to £25,000

Scottish Wedding Industry Fund

27 January 2021

Get up to £25,000 for Scottish Wedding Industry The new Scottish Wedding Industry Fund opens for applications on 28 January 2021.  If your business gets most of its income from weddings you could qualify for a grant of up to £25,000. The fund is available to jewellers, pipers and wedding bands as well as caterers […]

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Self Assessment Tax Filing Deadline Extended to 28 Feb 2021

Self Assessment Tax Filing Deadline Extended to 28 Feb – please pass this on!

25 January 2021

At (almost) the eleventh hour, HMRC announces tax filing deadline extended to 28 February HMRC announced today that you will not receive a penalty for filing your 2019-20 tax return late, as long as you file online by 28‌ February.  We are still encouraging taxpayers who have not yet filed to do so by 31‌ […]

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