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Annual Team Lunch January 2022

31 January 2022, General

It has become an annual event at Alterledger to go for a team lunch on 31st January to celebrate completing all our tax returns.  We weren’t able to go for lunch in January 2021 – covid got in the way, but this year we were able to get back to the annual routine.

Annual Team lunch January 2022

The past few months have had their own challenges, but the team have worked well together to ensure that we have finished January with all our tax returns filed.

The team have worked really hard over the past couple of months so it is good finally have the opportunity to take some time out and the afternoon off.

Team lunch 31st Jan 2022 lb

If you would rather spend 31st January having lunch than working late to get tax returns filed, why not apply for a job at Alterledger!  We have a range of vacancies due to the expansion of the business from demand for our services.

We had an excellent lunch at Babbity Bowster’s.  The smiles above were before the food had arrived.  After the meal had finished the team voted each other to have an extra day off so it only got better!

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