Smarter accounting


Bookkeeping can be time-consuming and costly, but good records are the necessary starting point for your business accounts. If you don’t do any bookkeeping yourself and hand your accountant a bag full of receipts you are getting poor value for money.

Why pay an accountant an hourly rate for sorting through receipts for something that can be done automatically?

Many businesses have a manual process of bookkeeping, which requires someone to key data into spreadsheets or their accounts package. In most cases the bulk of your bookkeeping can be picked up automatically from your bank statements.

Using Xero online accounting software, you can pull all your bank transactions automatically into your accounts. For repeating items Xero will learn what you normally do to enter them into your accounts. This allows 100’s of bank statement lines to be reconciled in seconds.

If either you or your accountant is spending hours typing figures from bank statements into your accounts you are wasting time and money.  Ask Alterledger about online accounting software that does much of the work for you.

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