Smarter accounting


Alterledger is proud to partner with Xero to enable businesses to stay in control of the finances wherever they are.

The old model for businesses was to find an accountant in their local area. This allowed to the business to stay in contact with their accountant and be close by to chase them up when they weren’t getting what they wanted.

The better way for businesses to work is to find an accountant who understands them and can be in touch whenever they want. Alterledger is up-front about its specialisms. Xero means that you can connect with Alterledger wherever you are.

Xero online accounting software allows you and your accountant to collaborate on your business. Rather than an annual exercise of compiling accounts that have little relevance to you, Alterledger can support you during the year and help lead your business.

You shouldn’t have to be in front of your computer to send invoices or check your bank balance. Xero works on a web browser or on a phone app. As long as you have an internet connection you can send invoices, check your bank transactions and even match up payments from your customers to their invoices. Xero has an agreement with most banks to provide bank feeds.

This means you no longer have to tick off items on paper statements or type figures into spreadsheets. Much of your bookkeeping can be done automatically saving you time and saving fees you might otherwise pay to your accountant.

Keeping your receipts and getting the expenses into your accounts can be a laborious process. If you lose receipts you are likely to pay more tax than you need to. Xero enables you to take photos of receipts from your phone as you receive them and upload them directly to your business accounts. The copy of your receipt is sufficient proof for HMRC and also means Alterledger can see the receipt / invoice if there is any doubt about how to enter in into your accounts.

Xero is designed to be intuitive and is written in plain English. Accountants love their own jargon – this helps increase the mystique and distance businesses from their accounts. Xero disrupts this old fashioned view and puts you back in control of your accounts.

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