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Dusseldorf Exchange Artist Klara Paterok comes to Glasgow

21 August 2016, Artists, Creative Industries

Alterledger sponsors Dusseldorf Exchange

The Anna Lobner Glasgow / Dusseldorf Exchange provides a valuable opportunity for artists to have the space and time to develop their practice in a new environment.  The programme started 13 years ago in memory of the German artist Anna Lobner.  Artists chosen for this exchange receive living and working space, travel expenses, and a stipend to support them during the period of the exchange.  Klara Paterok will be coming to Glasgow in September as Glasgow based artist Sarah Forrest heads to Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf Exchange Artist Klara Paterok

Dusseldorf Exchange 2016

Every year Wasps Studios hosts an artist in Glasgow as part of the Dusseldorf Exchange.  Wasps provides support in the form of a workspace and and living accommodation.  The project was at risk of being cancelled this year due to a lack of funds.  Alterledger is pleased to be working together with Arts and Business Scotland to sponsor the exchange and allow it to continue.  Alterledger specialises in accounting and business support for the Arts and Creative Industries.  The sponsorship of the Dusseldorf Exchange provides the opportunity for Alterledger to support the arts in Glasgow as well as to promote the services Alterledger can provide to the Creative Industries.

We welcome Dusseldorf artist Klara Paterok to Glasgow.  Klara works in a variety of media, including sculpture, projection, installation and drawing.  Alterledger will arrange an opportunity for clients to meet Klara and hear about her work while she is in Glasgow.  As information becomes available it will be published on the Alterledger news page.

Klara in her own words

“Cultural objects, architectural characteristics and shapes of nature are the basis for my work.  I combine these topics and search for / define points of contact by alteration of materiality and form.  I focus on the details of those objects or architectural characteristics and embed them into a different context.  Based on existing objects and occurrences I develop my works also with regard to the aspect of the absurd and the undefined.”

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